You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation. So the same should be said for any marketing activity. No job should ever be started without firstly defining a marketing strategy. Having a clear understanding and insight of the objectives or problems, who our customers are and why we’re talking to them, and what our competitors are doing, will help define the best possible way to tackle the task in hand. Knowing how any marketing activity tactic should be undertaken is crucial to the success of any creative or digital work and it’s how we integrate this process that sets us apart from other agencies.

In other words, we research, think and plan the best possible ways we can encourage your customers to buy your products and services more often.

Gossip Marketing strategic marketing services

A blueprint to achieve business goals & objectives
For serious businesses this is where it all begins. A marketing strategy is the foundation for your marketing plan, combining goals and objectives, research and detailed planning to form a blueprint on exactly how you intend on achieving business success. Surprisingly very few businesses have a clearly defined marketing strategy or marketing plan, making it easy for them to go off track and underachieve what they set out to do. Our marketing professionals can develop long term marketing plans, or work alongside your existing strategy to deliver one off campaigns and projects. With a clear marketing strategy, both design and digital projects will be far more successful, meaning greater ROI in every communication we produce.
Defining where your products & services fit within the market
A key component of a business’ marketing plan, your positioning and branding are pivotal to creating an effective design or digital project. Before any design work has ever been undertaken, it’s essential to consider the position that your products and services serve in the market, which ultimately determines the personality of your brand. We undertake positioning and branding exercises typically for new businesses prior to completing corporate identity design projects, or with existing businesses who are looking to rebrand in order to create a wider or more defined market appeal.
Market research and marketing analysis
Data is a key component to achieving any marketing objectives, but sourcing and interpreting that data correctly can sometimes be a difficult task. Using insight tools we can establish exactly what your customers are looking for, and use that data to analyse and form recommendations to help refine your products and services. We can also perform detailed analysis of your competitors and outlining where gaps are present that allow you to differentiate. The knock on effect is ultimately more sales and increased brand loyalty.
Evaluation of existing marketing touch points
Has your business lost its marketing direction, or does your marketing appear to be ineffective? With a Gossip Marketing Audit we start with the initial customer touch points in your business, such as your brand identity, website and marketing materials – and evaluate whether your existing collateral is fulfilling its intended purpose. A marketing audit will identify the best means of communication with your intended target audience and form recommendations for your existing marketing materials where necessary.
Marketing activity & tactical communications plans
Knowing what to do and how and when to do it is essential to planning and executing any marketing campaign. If it’s not on the plan the chances are it won’t get done on time or at all. Our professional marketing consultants can formulate detailed tactical marketing action plans highlighting the best channels to deliver the highest return on investment. Because marketing is no singular event, we can ensure that all action plans run concurrently and liaise with both design and digital teams to deliver what is required.
We can manage your project or provide a fully integrated service
We recognise that a marketing campaign or large digital project can be a difficult task to manage. Perhaps you’ve hired freelance developers or designers who are looking for a clear direction but you don’t know how to get there, or maybe you know something isn’t quite right with your project, but you’re not sure not sure how to correct it? If the answer is yes to either of those questions we can help.
If you’re not an experienced marketer, calling on various external vendors and internal resources to get it over the line presents a new set of problems. Having worked with clients of all sizes and alongside other freelancers and vendors we can project manage your marketing campaign or digital project or provide a complete integrated end-to-end to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome.
Conferences, trade shows, exhibitions & launches
From large scale trade shows to conferences, exhibitions and launches, we have the network, experience and resources to plan, execute and manage any business event. Working with a large budget or equally with constraints, we can advise and plan with fine detail your successful event. From pre-event promotion to stand building or complete event management, we will deliver the maximum impact for you and your customers.
Traditional public relations
Dovetailing into social like peas and carrots, traditional public relations provides brands with a platform to reach the masses via credible media sources. We have vast experience of dealing with both B2C and B2B major magazine titles, newspapers and news agencies to leverage exposure for your brand, products and services.

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