“Our job isn’t to sell…
It’s to educate your customers to buy.”

Gossip Marketing…
Let’s talk business

At Gossip Marketing we believe that our job isn’t to sell your products or services.
It’s to help your customers buy them.

We put bums on seats, we drive footfall, web traffic and make phones ring. Our job is to get people talking about you. In the right way.

We can complement your business in as much or as little capacity needed, and by working together we sustainably help our clients to achieve commercial success, measurable ultimately on your bottom line.



It’s an old cliche everybody claims, but we really do graft hard! We answer to nobody but our clients, so nothing gets in the way of your project.


Whilst most of us absolutely love what we do, without commercial awareness there is no business. That’s why metrics and ROI is central to everything we do.


We’re not about smoke and mirrors. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity so if it isn’t right for you, we’ll respectfully guide you in the direction that is.


We make things happen. Being successful in everything we do is very important to us, which fundamentally means your success is critical to our business.

Where we came from
& where we’re going

Established in 2010, GOSSIP MARKETING was set up as a part time venture purely to assist friends and families’ businesses achieve their growth potential, offering big agency consultancy and creative design at affordable prices. Since then we’ve helped turn sole traders into million pound ventures and dreams into realities, without ever promoting our own business.

Evidently good at what we do for our clients, in 2016 GOSSIP MARKETING became a fully fledged venture, offering a wide mix of clients – from multi-million pound international companies to new start ups – a fully integrated marketing service.

With top agency experience, GOSSIP MARKETING’s team has a 15 year heritage of making things happen at the highest levels in business.

With a name like ‘GOSSIP MARKETING’, you’d be forgiven for thinking that all we do is talk… But contrary to our name, what we initially do best is listen and observe.

And that’s hugely important in the approach we take to helping our clients’ businesses, because if we don’t all understand the fundamental nature of what matters to you and your customers, together we’re not going to achieve very much.

Gossip Marketing brings together a wealth of experience from talented marketing professionals, graphic designers and creatives right through to digital experts with web and app developers able to deliver large scale digital projects.

So if you’re looking for a bunch of commercially aware, talented marketing professionals who won’t sell to you, but will advise you in an open and honest way, then there’s a very strong chance we could be exactly what you’re after.

What we’re about


Our approach

As BT once said, it’s good to talk! And it is, providing you are conveying the right messages and you’re getting the right sounds coming back.

Your average customer is exactly that – average. So unless you’re selling instruments to brain surgeons then in the words of Sir Richard Branson, “KISS – keep it simple stupid!”

So often marketing is over complicated when it needn’t be. Ronseal have dined out since the dawn of time on their does what it says on the tin approach. But there’s a reason why they’re market leader and it’s not just about product quality or marketing spend.

Where we excell is by taking each brief, and each objective as they come and implementing the best strategic approach to fulfil the objective, pairing that with suitable needs. Knowing your customers is key to retaining and growing.

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